2019 Logo Ideas


I use multiple apps to make my logo




aight thx


I use the Pixlr app.


Good app. Used to use it a lot, made some minimal stuff with the filters a while back:


#3 cool reminds me of the older Nine Inch Nails artwork


second one looks like someone fell while the pic was being taken


Wow, it does. I actually used a 50% brightness (gray) flat image to start with, and then just applied a ton of filters and things to make it


I reworked my brand slightly earlier in the year (had the below banner for a couple months now) but I’m planning on sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

To go with the new more glitchy aesthetic I’m also going to be using a new cover art style as well for future tracks in 2019+ (preview below).


I like both, the banner even more so. It’s simple yet pleasing to the eye, imo!


I really need a logo change.

Some person in here made a logo for me which i like but when i put it on instagram story poll results was mostly on to stay with the logo i use right now.So i stayed with this one

I just examined a lot of edm artists logos. And what i came up with may edm artists logos just dont represent anything other than their name. Maybe it shows the style they make too. But mainly its just their name in a fancy style or font. So i have given up my logo to represent silence…If you guys have any futuristic styled text based logos for me i would gladly take it.

So ive been sketching some stuff tell me what you guys think of these

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Sketch 5

Tell me if these are good or if you guys have any ideas for me. Or maybe i should just stick with my current logo?(i dont think so)


The third one makes the most sense to me. It’s simple and clean


I like the third one more.


What dou you guys think about the 4th one?


That’s very good. Better then the one I made :slightly_smiling_face:


Damn. Now I can’t choose between 4 & 5


Me too but i can use both.Ill put 5 where my name needs to be shown ill put 4 when only my logo is needed to be shown


Stickin with my original choice


Bro how did you did that glitchy “Arimyth” text over the static image

that looks super cool…How?


So I had a friend (@stereofield) help me rework my logo and banner to be a bit more professional looking:

Let me know your thoughts… the background image for the banner was square so it had multiple perspectives that we took… I can show those if someone wants