2019 Logo Ideas


Also I think 16 bit has a lot of detail. I mean a lot. Have you ever seen Yoshi’s Island or any SNK games? I’m just saying, Metal Slug has beautiful sprites :ok_hand:


I’ve seen sonic games. They’re beautiful.


Yeah, but I didn’t really like the choice of some colors for things…


I’ve had the same logo since I opened my account back in 2017, it’s recognizable and unique so I have no plans to change it. @stereofield put it together for me.


It’s a solid logo. I’ve been having the same logo since day one as well. I just don’t have it on the disco because I feel like my name is brand enough


I have a question for anyone with a logo that lines up with background on SoundCloud. Does the logo still line up or is it a little off?


I think it actually does line up, but it does look off.


how do you make sc banner logos


Welp, it was nice while it lasted




One reason why I just have a completely different background. Too much work. Also, I just like that painting I did.


Where the heck are y’all getting logos?:joy::joy:


@Horiz3n you can make some on Canva


I’ve tried it but I bun it every time😂


People have cool logos


IbisPaint X


ok. I need to try canva out bc everyone uses it


Ok i got a logo. Its simple but it will do


Nice! Love it.


@Plhector how’s the logo going? Or have you not started yet that’s ok too