2019 Logo Ideas


Too soon dude…


@eohr here are some other color variations. I’ll have a bit more later. Also, don’t forget to credit me :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing! Will do.


My new Soundcloud banner!


Blue is back.


Looks nice!


Yyyeeees such a look man


Yeheeess it is. I’ve also got some other stuff on the horizon. May change it when I release my next full track— that isn’t a remix or a collab.


Decided that I’m gonna go with a portrait instead of a logo.


Welcome to the portrait club! I like it good coloring




Here’s a thing. What do you guys think?

Also @Plhector Can you try and take a swing at a pixel art version of my logo? If possible could you make it a higher res than the other ones in this thread but still visibly pixel art. Like the difference between OG mario and OG sonic. 16 or 32 bit, if you will.



Everyone is asking for logos here and there. If you want a “higher resolution” logo then you’re gonna have to wait a while. Bigger canvases take longer.


I get that. It’s no problem. Big art takes a long time.


Thanks for being understanding. I’ve have people that kept asking me if their art work was finish one day after another.


I’m not tryna sound like those “Ackchyually” people, but Mario is 8-bit and Sonic is 16-bit

I’m sorry, but as a retro gamer, I had to do something.


I was trying so hard to not mention that :joy:


Don’t worry, I knew that. I wasn’t referring to Mario and Sonic as 16-bit and 32-bit, but the quality of the logo I was asking for. I threw in 32-bit because I realized 16-bit was still relatively low-res.

I’m a gamer too. I have to know these things.


But the thing with 32 bit is that it can handle some polygons


That’s true