2019 Artist (re)Introductions


Plot twist for the ages


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Production Name: MuscleCat
Name name: Thrash
Country of residence: US
Age (optional): 29
Gender (optional): Dude
Currently available for collaboration requests? YES
Currently available for remix requests? YES
Currently accepting requests for Auxy project files? YES
Preferred Genre(s): Electro House, Dubstep, Complextro, Breaks, Trap, anything with abrasive punchy bass
Fav artists (non-Auxy): Feed Me, Kill the Noise, pegboard nerds, Savant, Virtual Riot, Jauz, Fox Stevenson, Zomboy, Tut Tut Child, MUST DIE, Getter, Delta Heavy, Mord Fustang
First Album / CD / Track owned: https://shaftrecords.bandcamp.com/album/look-what-the-cat-dragged-in
^ This is my first release as of right now fine tuning a bunch of new shizzy for my second release in a month or so.

Links to best tracks: https://soundcloud.com/musclecat/the-expanse




Production Tools:

  1. Auxy
  1. Ableton
  1. A plethora of synth and recording apps

Level of musical theory: Low
Instruments played in real life? Drums and lil bit of bass guitar
Musical experience level: Serious
Musical goals: Ultimate Goal: Make living off Make music.

Lofty but more realistic goal: Make any money by virtue of this hobby that throughout my entire life thus far I haven’t fallen out of love with


Name : LittleSpikes
Other / Historical Names: LilSpikes
Preferred Genre(s) for creating tracks: Speedcore, Trance, Swing
Preferred Genre(s) for listening to: Happycore, Nightcore, Glitchhop, ElectroSwing, FutureBass, Trance
My best tracks (3 max):
Most commonly used Auxy sounds or sound packs? Game Waves
Did I achieve my musical goals for 2018? I think so. I really enjoyed what I made lol
Musical goals for 2019: Challange new genre (probably Happycore with bunch of samples)
Fav music related websites: SC and youtube
One thing you would like to see in a 2019 sound pack? : Vocal chops (the dream has come true!)

Online presence:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/littlespikes
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlespikes/
<- I edited MV as well! Always welcome to collab!


I pronounced your name right from the start! I didn’t know if how I was saying it was right, but I guess it is!


Yeah, thank you lmao



(Zack/Unknown) X-K
**Other / Historical Names: Thrashie, RainbroThrash, K-ro **
Country of residence: (K-ro) United States (Xiejra) United Kingdom xxxxxxxxx
Age (optional):(K-ro) 21 (Xiejra) NA
Gender (optional):(K-ro) M (Xiejra) M
Preferred Genre(s) for creating tracks:(K-ro) Heavily experimental Dnb, Trap, Hybrid, and deep house (Xiejra) Experimental Dubstep, and Trap, and melodic ambient Hybrid
Preferred Genre(s) for listening to:(K-ro) Trap, Dnb (halftime mostly), Experimental Mondaze, and Hybrid (Xiejra) NA
My best tracks (3 max):(K-ro)
(Xiejra) NA

Most commonly used Auxy sounds or sound packs?(K-ro) uhm anything from disturbing leads (Xiejra) NA
Did I achieve my musical goals for 2018? (K-ro) "I mean my goal was to connect with other music scenes to expand my network, and i can say i have achieved that, plan on releasing with multiple labels, have people expanding five’s (formerly known as VVVVV) reach, as well as make the label the best it can be for more expansive releases branching to artists such as Circadian Riff, Faux Ivvy, etc. (Xiejra) [Awaiting Xiejra’s edit]
Musical goals for 2019: (K-ro) To work with artists such as Nvctve, Akeos, Zimbu, and others in the Expanded Bass music scene, which may or may not happen soon :wink: (fingers crossed) (Xiejra) [Awaiting Xiejra’s Edit]
Fav music related websites: (K-ro) Soundcloud of course, Any plugin website (that i can trust), Splice. (Xiejra) [Awaiting Xiejra’s edit]
One thing you would like to see in a 2019 sound pack?(K-ro) vocoded basses (Xiejra) NA

Online presence:



Name (or producer name): Aqzi
Other / Historical Names: Vulture, Ako, Aqua
Country of residence: Australia
Age (optional): 13
Gender (optional): Male
Preferred Genre(s) for creating tracks: EVERYTHINGGG
Preferred Genre(s) for listening to: EVERYthINGGgG
My best tracks (3 max): Neurotoxin '74, Rain, Tilt
Most commonly used Auxy sounds or sound packs? Hour and Cone (OTP)
Did I achieve my musical goals for 2018? YEah
Musical goals for 2019: BECOME awesome (and get on some epic labels :sunglasses:)
Fav music related websites: disco.auxy.co, soundcloud.com
One thing you would like to see in a 2019 sound pack? distorted leads and basses

Online presence:

  • Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aquax
  • Instagram: private
  • Twitter: nope
  • Discord: Aqzi#1221 (add me :heart:)
  • Youtube: some awful channel. planning to expand
  • Snapchat: private
  • Spotify: noep
  • Website(s): noep ^3
  • Facebook: no cos zucc will kidnap me if i get it
  • [Other]: idk but i just wanna say that i am in a gang that i made called g gang and it’s recruiting so hit me up in pms