2 Identical Samples

I was playing around with a progressive house project and decided to go through Nu Disco Dynamite because the snares in there are a lot ‘lighter’ and I discovered this. 1983 and Take Me Back are the same sample (or at least very similar)! Check it out! https://app.auxy.co/projects/xApi76G426_1_d2HPZSuGg==

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I’ve thought a few times there’s got to be duplicates in the sample library.


Crazy close. Take Me Back is ever so slightly higher pitched. Listen closely or pitch them up the next octave to hear the difference more clearly.

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Yeah that’s what I thought. Just very similar.

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Yeah they sound pretty much the same, but from my phone speaker, the second sample sounds like it has a slightly stronger compression on it. Could just be me.

But yeah, your point still stands that they do sound pretty much identical

I created a buildup with it by crossing over them each time and yeah they’re identical